We have a modern highly efficient plant for treating wastewater from the entire facility.
Galvanic waste generated during wastewater treatment is handed over to a specialized company dealing with waste management and disposal.

Thanks to the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow, in 2018 we were able to commission an automatically controlled, modern and highly efficient wastewater neutralizer for treating wastewater from the entire facility.

With environmental protection in mind, our company uses modern and high-performance technologies that reduce the amount of solid waste and wastewater generated. A modern plant treating all the wastewater generated during the industrial process guarantees their full purification.
The galvanic waste generated during wastewater treatment is handed over to a company dealing with waste management and disposal.

In terms of environmental protection, we meet the requirements of the European Union standards and we are currently implementing the ISO 14001: 2015 standard.


In the process of water treatment and demineralization we use ion exchange technologies. which allow to remove virtually all ionic compounds dissolved in water.

Ion exchange is carried out in a two-column system. One is filled with strongly acidic cation exchanger working in the hydrogen cycle, and the other is anion exchanger (strongly alkaline) working in the hydroxide cycle. Our company also uses demineralization for wastewater treatment in a closed circuit.

This technology allowed us to significantly reduce water consumption in the technological process.


Rising standards of environmental protection entail intensified reduction of pollution. In order to meet the requirements, we invested in a modern air purification system.

The most effective and practical way of air purification is wet filtration, also called an absorption method. In this case, the device used for filtration is the so-called scrubber. Its optimal design allows to achieve an absorption efficiency of over 97%. Scrubbers work by pumping contaminated air into a special chamber, where it comes in direct contact with the right amount of water. Speed and efficiency of capturing contaminating particles by water drops depends on the technology used, construction and size of a given scrubber The mixture of water and impurities from the scrubber is subsequently discharged from time to time into our wastewater treatment system, where the contaminated water is subjected to neutralization.