Galvanic nickel forms a light silvery coating, which is characterized by strong adhesion to the surface and hardness. Electrochemical nickel plating has many protective and technical applications. Nickel plating is also excellent in terms of aesthetic appearance. Nickel is an efficient conductor of heat and electricity, hence nickel coating is widely used as protective, but also decorative coating.

Nickel-plated metals also increase the strength of the covered material, due to an invisible protective layer through a process called surface passivation, which ensures resistance to chemical agents in the atmosphere, and also affects quality. Nickel plating is used to provide protection for products made of steel, copper and its alloys, zinc alloys and aluminum.

At the moment, we perform nickel plating of both small elements, as well as components up to 1500 mm long.


  • car industry
  • electronics and power industry
  • water and central heating fittings


We provide services to clients from water, gas supply, central heating industry, fastener manufacturers, and broadly understood electrical engineering industry.


Tin is a rare, soft metal which does not corrode in humid air. It leaves a silvery-white coating with excellent soldering and conductive properties. Tin plating is primarily used to ensure protection for products made of copper and its alloys, as well as aluminum. Tin coatings are widely used in the electrical and power supply industries.

Our coatings leave a glossy finish. They can serve both practical and decorative functions. Usually, due to low hardness of the metal, tin is not a decorative coating, and applying it to brass components results in the diffusion of zinc into the coating and its darkening. We managed to eliminate this flaw by using nickel coatings.

At the moment, we perform tin plating of both small elements, as well as components up to 2000 mm long.



  • protection of copper wires and electrical contacts against oxidation
  • preparation of surfaces for soldering
  • drinking water fittings 


Among our clients are representatives of the broadly understood electro-technical and telecommunications industries, as well as manufacturers of fittings used in drinking water installations.